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I am so happy!  24 returns January 11th!  Jack is back!  It’s about time.

As much as I love Jack Bauer, I have been blaming him for the political troubles we are having.  I know that is probably not fair, but think about it!  Back in 2007, we had Jack Bauer.  The stock market was doing well.  Barack Obama?  No one knew who the hell he was.  Democrats were counting down to the end of the Bush administration and looking forward to a democrat again in the White House.  I, personally, envisioned Hillary Clinton as the first woman President.  I was all hopey changey about that!

Well, then what happened?  That damn writer’s strike.  We lost Jack Bauer for 2008.  I checked the Writer’s Guild website daily, praying for end of the silly strike and the return of Jack Bauer.  I was devastated to learn that there would not be a 24 (other than the 2 hour prequel) in 2008.  The horror of it all!  24 is my favorite show.  It is number one on my DVR series recording list!  No Jack Bauer?  Oh my gosh!  This is when the whole world turned upside down.

Without Jack, some nobody 1/2 black dude was elected President, even though very few people know much about him.  He lies, cheats and plays dirty politics, yetmany people find him cool and charming.  Ish.  This would have never happened had we had Jack Bauer to save us.  He could have gotten rid of Obama in 24 hours or less.  Do you know what else I blame 24 for?  You probably can guess.  24 started the whole black Presidents are cool stuff.  Yep.  In Jack Bauer’s world, they did have a black president before the woman.  Sorry, spoiler alert, season 7 has a woman President.  If you’re a fan, you probably know that already from watching the prequel.  There is a big major surprise coming up, but I won’t spoil that for all of you!  Anyway, I am a little miffed at my pals on 24 and do blame them for what has happened.  Not enough to stop watching because I loves me some 24 and I loves me some Jack Bauer.  Right now, I am wearing my “I’d rather be watching 24” t-shirt!

I just hope that the return of Jack Bauer, puts the world right side up again.  If he can get rid of Obama somehow, great.  If not, at least help the democrats make some sense for a change I can believe in.  Oh, yeah, and if you guys could do some episodes where it turns out that David Palmer was never a legal citizen to be POTUS, that would be cool.  Make your viewers think, huh?

I’ll be very relieved with the return of 24 and Jack Bauer.  I am counting on you to get me through this trying time Jack.  Oh, and Jack, we need you now more than ever!  We’re counting on you, Jack!  Please hurry…we are running out of time!


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We’ve all seen the you tube video, right?  The one with that poor lady who took her kids to an Obama rally and was so happy to think that Obama will keep her secure financially.  She tells how now she won’t have to worry about paying her mortgage or putting gas in her car.  It’s all taken care of now!  Oh, boy!  President Obama saves the world!  Just like he promised!  Whoohoo!  We are all getting free stuff!  Hooray!

The day after, the day after the election, not the day after ( I was too depressed and fightened and had been up until 5 AM and not because I was celebrating either!)  I went in to work and commented that I really shouldn’t be there.  I should have stayed home.  After all, my free crap might come and I might miss it or something.  Is it coming Fed Ex?  UPS?  Do I have to sign for it?  What if it comes and I’m not there?  Is Obama himself stopping by, in person, like when he visited Joe the plumber, to deliver it?  Will Obama or (God forbid) MEchelle  copy Santa (like they copy everyone else) and come down the chimney (if I had a chimney) with all my stuff?  I surely want to make sure I get everything that was promised to me by Obama.  We all know he keeps his promises, right?

Does anyone have all the particulars on the stuff?  Do we get to specify what color?  If it’s a car, do I get to choose the color, heated seats, cruise control, AC, leather seats, etc.?  Will they call us to set up delivery, or is it a surprise?  Wow.  Just like with all that is Obama, we know so little of the details!  The good news is that after days of sitting at work and wondering if I might miss my free stuff while I was away, I realized there was nothing to worry about.  Duh!  We have to wait until after Inauguration Day!  Of course.  Silly me.  I’ll make sure to take off of work from 1/21/09 on.  Don’t worry.  1/20/09 is for celebrating so we can be sure there will be no free stuff that day!  After all, it’s historic!

I am very excited about having a Unicorn.  I’ve been wondering if I can afford to feed it, but then my coworker pointed out to me that of course a lifetime supply of magical unicorn food will come with it.  Yet another coworker informed us that Unicorns don’t need food being that they’re magical and all.  Oh, of course.  What are we thinking?  This is going to be so exciting!  I will have a Unicorn and I won’t have to work anymore!  At first, I thought, well maybe I should work part time so I can still get the benefits.  You gotta have health insurance!  Well, once again, I am having trouble adjusting to reality.  Obama is giving us all free health care!  Whoo hoo!  I really need to focus on this new reality.  It’s going to be like Christmas all over again!

The Unicorn will be cool and all, but maybe I should write to Obama first.  I am thinking that maybe I’d be better served if I can trade in the Unicorn for a private jet.  That would be cool and probably more helpful for me.  I think I’m open to the new car.   Plus, I’ll have to make sure Obama knows that not only would I like having my mortgage paid off, I prefer a new, more spacious house!

I am going to send a letter to Obama, just to get it right.  Obama may be the world’s savior, but I don’t know if he can read minds.  Here’s what I need to let him know:

Dear President Soetoro,

Can I call you Barry?  Well, Barry, I am writing to inquire the details of the soon to arrive free crap I’ve been waiting for.  First off, the Unicorn.  That is a really great gift and I hope you won’t find me to seem ungrateful, but I would rather have a personal jet with a pilot at my beckon call.  There are places I have to go and people I need to see.  Now, if it’s possible to get a private jet and a unicorn I could go for that.  Either way, throw in the jet!  I want everything cool that I am entitled to, just like you and Caroline Kennedy get.  I’m open to a Senate seat, too, just to let you know.  I guess you only have so many of those so it must be first come, first serve on that one!  I sure do hope mine is the first request.  Can I also decide who I’ll replace in the Senate?  If Al Franken wins Minnesota, I’ll take his seat.  I guess I wouldn’t mind being President either.  That personal jet plane would come with that automatically!  Can I just have your seat in the Oval office instead of the senate seat?  If so, give the Franken seat to Norm Coleman please.  I guess Franken is in the lead as of today.  Another thing I hope you can give me is for my vote to count for something.  It used to, or so I thought, but no longer seems to matter.  I want it to matter again.  My next wish isn’t just for me, it’s for all Americans.  Can you make sure to give them the gift or intelligence and common sense?  I sure don’t want to see them be as uninformed as they were in this election, ever agian!  No way!  You know, now that I think about it, can you give Hillary the Presidency, instead of me?  She would be fabulous!  You know what else I want, Barry?  If I have to have you as President, can you throw MEchelle out on the front lawn of the whitehouse, with all of her bags packed?  I would enjoy that tremendously!  I really do want a new car.  If you can swing it, I’d like to have 2.  That way I can drive a cool sportcar, but still have the other vehicle for driving the kids around town.  I’m realizing that not too many of these things I’ve asked for cost money, unless you can pay to play for that Senate seat!  Maybe just give me a swiss bank account and keep the deposits flowing.  That would save you alot of grief if all Americans just go get their free stuff themselves.  It would stimulate the  economy, too!  Is that your economic plan?  Well, that is just pure genious, Barry!  Sadly, I have to request a new boyfriend, too.  Mine got on the hopey-changey bus and I haven’t seen or spoken to him since!  Well, Barry, here’s my list in a nutshell:

New House

New Car

A vote that counts

Presidency of the United States (or a lowly senate seat)

Hillary as President (If that is confusing for you, just give POTUS to me, I’ll make Hillary VP and then I’ll step down)

Intelligence for all Americans

Common sense for all Americans

Mechelle out on her ass

New boyfriend ( a PUMA voter to be specific)

private jet (or Air Force One)

Unlimited Swiss Bank Account


Clarification on the details of the free crap. 

That last one is just so I don’t screw this up.  I’ve never had access to unlimited free stuff from my Government before so I’m not really sure what to do.  If this is your economic plan, to have all Americans use their unlimited bank account to stimulate the economy, I can do that, but I’m not really sure where to go get my free Unicorn!  Let me know.  Thanks!

P. S.  As I need more stuff, I’ll send a new list and just as soon as my Unicorn arrives, I’ll admit that I was wrong about you!

With Love,


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I don’t get it!  I just don’t!  Most people I know who voted for Obama, and thank God there aren’t too many, are pretty cranky for people whose guy won!  WTF?  If McCain had won, I would have felt so relieved at first and then ecstatic.  Truly I would have.  I could have felt safe and secure, knowing that the American voters are not so insane and stupid as to put a guy into office, in a very messy situation, who had ZERO experience to do the job.

Are they afraid?  Do they see his “Office of the President Elect” sign and realize that something just isn’t quite right with the man?  Were they just stuck on the D next to his name, but didn’t really like him?  Did the kool aid run out?  Are they afraid that That One is going to screw everything up so much that we will say, “I told you so?”  I have no clue what their problem is.  Did they expect that all that racism talk would be magically gone the next morning?  Man, if they could accomplish that just by putting Obama in office then they sure as hell should be able to shit some cash to fix this economic mess in this country!  Ok, sorry.  I got a little angry there.

All I know is they won, by hook or by crook (Obama) and they should all be holding hands singing Kumbaya by now.  I prefer they sing, “I’d like to teach the world to sing” and hand me a coke because those pepsi cans are really scary with a logo so much like Obama’s.  Had Axelrod run the right campaign, a can of pepsi could be the President Elect.  That might actually sit better with me.  I’m not a big kumbaya fan anyway.  It should be all rainbows, sunshine, puppy dogs, and love.  A coworker of mine said that now it’s all carebears for all.  Whatever happened, so far I haven’t seen any good change, especially that stupid President Elect sign.  Who the hell is that sign for anyway?  Is it just to make me vomit?  Is it just to prove my point that Obama has some screws loose upstairs?  Is it to remind Obama that he can stop pandering now?  Mission Accomplished Mr. Odrama.  WTF is that?

If anyone, anywhere has a clue why the folks who won are so unhappy, cranky and creepy, let me know, Ok?  I just don’t get it!

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I’ve written other posts to tell about being the girlfriend of an Obama supporter.  This has been one of the worst experiences of my life.  This past week, we finally ended the relationship, completely.  I know I am not alone in losing a very important person from my life.  I know that many people are struggling with their political views no longer coinciding with that of friends, family, lovers, and I certainly hope that couples have not divorced over this God awful election from hell.

I know that no one probably cares.  I guess I just wanted to write it as a final acceptance of it.  Really things have all gone down hill since the Democratic convention.  More specifically, when Hillary Clinton gave her speech that we needed to support Barack Obama.  Things were really pretty good until that day.  At that point my boyfriend really thought I’d come around, because Hillary told me to.  Well, I didn’t.  We struggled through the months to the general election.  I thought I would be so glad the day had finally come.  Even with my great disbelief of Obama actually being elected, I had the thought, well, that is probably the best for my relationship.  I assumed that if McCain had won, we would break up, but if Obama won, I would be forgiven.  As with many things this year, I was wrong.  We broke up anyway.  There was no explaining to him that it was more than my being bitter about Hillary.  Funny thing is I am not even sure I like or respect Hillary anymore.  He gave me 1 week from the election to “be over it” and I wasn’t so I was only greeted with disgust after that.  Yes, I know.  I am better off.  If there were only a disgruntled democrat dating site to find a like minded person!

Anyway, forgive me for my online swan song.  I had to do it.  If you want to share your sad relationship destroyed by the great uniter story, be my guest.  Any and all comments welcome, except Obots.  There was one I was willing to tolerate and he became intolerable so the rest of you?  You don’t stand a chance.

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What Barack Obama represents to me


As a lifelong democrat, many people could not fathom how I rejected Barack Obama as the democratic nominee.  It’s time to clear that up for you.  I have tried to do so in discussions, but was often cut off.  The listener would cover their ears and say lalalalala, I can’t hear you, or hide their head in the sand.  That is why I have written this. My hope is  that over the next 4 years, you will be able to  understand  that I did not then, nor will I now or in the future support Community Organizer, Barack Hussein Obama, and why.

I vetted my candidates and when I vetted Obama, I thought he was a joke.  He is an empty box with pretty, shiny, sparkly wrapping and colorful ribbons.  When you open the box, there is nothing in it, except that it also doesn’t smell right.  When I compared resumes and platforms of Clinton, Edwards, and Obama, really the first thought in my head was, “ok, that guy’s a joke”.  He had no business running.  He had no record and was running Clinton’s platform with a few down grades.  To listen to pundits say their platforms are almost identical, that was not reassuring.  All that said to me is Obama could not come up with something clever on his own.  I could go on and on with other examples of plagiarism and his life and his record or lack thereof, but that would be a whole other essay.

So let’s get back to what Barack Obama represents to me and why I can’t support that.


1.       Barack Obama means racism.  What this represents to me is that misplaced idol worship equals that you do not have to accomplish anything of importance and you can be handed The Presidency of the United States of America just because of your skin color.  I do not support that and I never will.  For all of you who think that race relations are now greatly improved now that you have given this phoney something he never earned, there are people like me who say hold on a minute.  To give something this important away to someone who is black, just so you can feel good about yourself is RACIST.  Yes, it is racist to favor someone just because of their skin color.  If Barack Obama had been a white man running with that resume, with a plagiarized platform, he would have never made it past super Tuesday at his best.  The black candidate that I’ll vote for would respect himself enough that he wouldn’t dream of running prematurely.  That person would take pride in his/her accomplishments and experience and speak to me as a voter by saying, “I have done A, B, C, and D for my constituents and I will work hard for you.”  That person would earn my vote and it would not be because of his or her skin color.  I’ve often wondered with Obama, what’s you hurry?


2.      Barack Obama means sexism.  What he represents to me is that when a highly qualified woman and an extremely unqualified man apply for a job, the man should get the job-always.  I do not support this and I never will.  I will fight against this for myself and every woman.  For those of you Obama supporters who think this is ok, especially those of you who have daughters, let me know how it feels when you lose out on a job to a less qualified man or you have to watch it happen to your daughter.  I was fighting for you and your daughters and friends and family, too.  That is why I so strongly supported Hillary Clinton.  Let me add that if I had just supported her because she was a woman that would have been sexist and if the roles were reversed and she had Obama’s resume and he had her resume, I would have supported the more experienced candidate, Obama.  Period.  I would not have voted based solely on gender anymore than I could vote based strictly on race.


3.      Barack Obama means a free ride.  What he represents to me is that when people work hard, they should not be rewarded.  There is no reason to work hard.  You will just get kicked in the face over the new, shiny, sparkly, well funded marketing campaign.  I do not support that and I never will.  In my opinion, both Hillary Clinton and John McCain have earned the job of President of the United States of America.  They have both served this country all their lives, have a record that shows a commitment to improve this country for the people who live here, and have proven their love for this country time and time again.  Obama, what has he done?  He has only served himself.  I have absolutely no confidence in his commitment to our military and their needs.  Why?  Because he has never served, nor does he have children he would have to see in harm’s way because they are serving.   For that reason alone he has zero real understanding of the needs of the military.  I realize that Hillary Clinton did not serve in the military either, but she served this country as first lady, one who was attacked and villified because she wanted to be actively involved in matters of the country instead of just practicing her parade wave.  She has the scars to prove it.  I’m sure I don’t have to go into all of John McCain’s scars and how he got them and why in my opinion of the three he has earned my vote and I respect him the most as a candidate.  He almost died for this country and could have come back and relaxed, he instead chose to serve this country more, scars and aches, and all did not stop him.  Yes, Clinton and McCain have earned the job as President in my eyes.  Obama hasn’t earned a damned thing and that bothers me tremendously.  I hope those who put Obama in office find that he was worth it because 2 very deserving decent people were trashed in order to get him there.  Let me change that to 3 because Sarah Palin was trashed as well and still is today even though, hello?  Your guy won.  Why is everyone still afraid of Sarah Palin?


4.      Barack Obama means selfishness.  What he represents to me is that we should not be grateful for the opportunities we have as free Americans.  I do not support that and I never will.  America, according to the Obamas is a place where you can never get ahead.  These are people who wanted a free pass to the top and got it and they’re still not happy.  In America if you have or can make up a poor me story, people will vote for you because “America is a downright mean country” (Michelle Obama 3/5/08).  Yes, Barack and Michelle, I feel so sorry for you both.  Gee, in America you got to go to Harvard, Columbia and Princeton, become lawyers (only to allow those licenses to expire since), make money off from books labeled as autobiographies (when in reality, much of it is fiction), live in a 1.65 million dollar mansion that you purchased with the help of a corrupt slumlord now convicted of 16 counts of money laundering, fraud, and bribery because you couldn’t afford that house and just had to have it, and been carried up the political ladder to the top by age 47, without having had any actual accomplishments to get there.  What a sad story.  Poor me, I could only get the shitty job of being President in America.  Boo hoo.  Barack Obama has never actually done any real work or held a full time job.  He was a community organizer, I guess, so I’ll give him that one, but otherwise he is a zero.  He was the first African American editor of the Harvard Law Review and never actually wrote anything.  He didn’t do his job there.  He was a lawyer who only tried a couple of cases in his whole career, his main client was ACORN.  He didn’t actually practice law.  He was a senator who voted present 130 times so he could claim both sides of an issue.  He didn’t pass any legislation until Emil Jones decided to make something of him and gave him bills that were the work of other senators so that he could claim credit for them to move up the ladder.  He had no problem claiming credit for other people’s work.  The man has never held a full time job, nor held a job very long, and I’m supposed to trust his commitment to this very important job?  That is blind faith.


5.      Barack Obama means our government will be made up of those who can buy it.  What he represents to me is that the Presidency of the United States of America is yours if you can raise and bribe people with the most money.  (sometime look up how much money each candidate donated to delegates and also how much money they received from Fannie and Freddie)  He raised almost a billion dollars, much of which came from illegal foreign donations (why?  Oh, that would be another essay, but I digress).  McCain stayed with Public Campaign financing as he had promised to and keeping his promise cost him the election.  Obama outspent Clinton 4 or 5 to 1 and just barely pulled off the nomination.  He supposedly out spent McCain 8-1.  People say McCain had no chance to win, but had McCain had as much money what would have happened?  We don’t know, but it would have been nice to know if Obama had used public financing as he had promised, if he would have actually won.


6.      Barack Obama means you don’t have to keep your promises.  What this represents to me is that you can promise everyone everything to get what you want and then say screw them when that isn’t working for you anymore.  I do not support this and I never will.  He made promises to his supporters on NAFTA, Public Financing, FISA, immediate withdrawal of troops in Iraq, and went back on every one of those promises to get elected.  Now one should trust his promises as President?  Well, that doesn’t help me trust him.


7.      Barack Obama thinks I am stupid.  What he represents to me is that he will try to fool me because he thinks I am dumb.  I do not support voting for someone who wants to fool me and I never will.  He tells me that I should vote for him because he represents change.  What kind of change?  No one really knows.  He tells me he is not George W. Bush.  Well, duh.  You are not George W. Bush, Barack.  Yes, I already knew that.  Clinton, McCain, Edwards, Huckabee, none of them are George W. Bush either.  Only George W. Bush is George w. Bush and no one else matches his fingerprints, so again, what kind of change?  Where are the specifics?  What I see, Mr. Obama is that you are the most like George W. Bush than any other candidate that ran in either party this year.  You are a narcissist, ego maniac, stuttering liar.  You have things to hide.  You like to play with corrupt buddies and you don’t like to be asked questions.  When you are caught in a lie, you immediately turn it on someone else and blame them and bring attention on them.  Example?  Joe the plumber.  When you can’t blame them or get the focus off of you, then you cry racism.  Yes, you are the third term of George Bush in my opinion because it is the person, personality and not the party who makes the biggest problems.  You seem to think you can do no wrong and are entitled to everything you want.  Sounds very GW to me.  The problem here is that we all knew Bush was the puppet and Cheney the puppetmaster.  I am not yet certain who your puppetmaster is.  I guess we’ll find out.  I know it’s not Biden.


8.      The fantasy that BHO is the new JFK.  I do not support that and I never will.  Why?  BHO is the new JFK?   HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….um, no.  Enough said.



9.      Barack means open season on attacking women.  What he represents to me is that the democratic party is now the party that excludes women, gays and hard working people.  My value in society is now slightly better than dog shit on the bottom of one’s shoe.  Women (and I think GLBTs) had to be moved down the ranks in order to build up the African American cause.  I don’t support this and I never will.  I see evidence that Barack Obama doesn’t think much of women.  He used his story of being raised by a single mother to gain sympathy votes, but yet in honor of his mother, what has he done?  He wrote a book called “Dreams of my Father”, which he wrote in honor of a father that abandoned him when he was just 2 years old.  The mother who raised him until he was 10?  No honor for her.  They both abandoned him, but Dad gets a book.  Why?  Deeper wounds from mother maybe because he remembers it more?  He also used his mother to get elected, but then admits he did not go see her when she died.  In a debate with McCain, he mentioned how he knew about the problems people have with health insurance because his mother really had to fight with hers on her deathbed.  My question is  did you help her Barack?  You, a constitutional lawyer?  Did you make one phone call or write a letter or file a motion on mother’s behalf?  What did you do about it?  Is this another made up story?  Well, we’ll never know because Obama doesn’t like tough questions and it’s against his rules for me to ask.  I have seen a lot of attacks against Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin this year and not once did I ever hear Obama or any democrat speak out against it.  Not once.  It was ok, it helped Obama, so why do the right thing?  I personally this year have been told that I was given boobs, but no brain and that is why women are so stupid.  I have heard that women cannot have an important job like president or vice president because they are emotional, unintelligent and in Obama’s own words “Sometimes when Hillary is periodically feeling down she goes on the attack”.  Nice one Barack.  Well, what I am trying to say is that when people call this historic election an advance of America, I say bullshit.  There is no advance when you build up one group to tramp down another group.  The day we have equal rights is when it is for all and this has not happened and has been set back probably for my entire lifetime.


10.  Barack Obama means a free pass.  What he represents to me is that he has been given the ultimate get out of jail free card.  Media bias and cover-up like never before.  I do not support that and I never will.  Barack Obama has so many skeletons in his closet that a closet wouldn’t be big enough to hold them all.  I guess we’d have to say that Obama has many skeletons in his cemetery because that makes more sense.  Somewhere along the way, the mainstream media decided that Obama could never win if we really knew about him, his associations and his background.  They decided to no longer report anything negative about Obama.  Then when they were forced to do so, they would make excuses for the one.  Wow.  This has scared me the absolute most of all.  What makes this man so special that he should not be held accountable?  How long is this going to continue?  Does he get a free pass for his entire presidency?  I suppose he will because the media created him and they don’t want us to know they were wrong, so now we have the don’t ask, don’t tell president.  We have a president that no one is going to hold accountable.  How is that different from the last administration?  At least with GW the press wasn’t afraid to go negative, but with Obama they refuse.  So America just elected a guy who has a huge ego and feels entitled and had to be propped up to get in, I call it the no Politician Left behind program, and we are expecting him to do a good job without any accountability?  Ok.  Good luck there.  GW-impeachments off the table (democratic congress 2006).  Barack Obama-do anything your dark heart desires you nice black man and we’ll never tell.  Just today, Chris Mancrush Matthews told Joe Scarborough on Mornin’ Joe “I want to do everything I can to make this thing work, this new presidency work” (Nov. 6, 2008) so I guess on MSNBC, at least, the media bias and cover-up continues.  We’ll find out somewhere around 2012 or god forbid, 2016, what really went on…maybe.

So to Obama supporters who will have trouble understanding why I despise this guy, read this and see what he means to me.  No I don’t like him at all.  I haven’t come up with one good thing I can say about the man.  He will not be my President.  You bought him and you own him.  For me, he was just shoved down my throat.  I was able to spit him out.

I wish all America well with this Administration of change.  I will be fascinated watching what happens now that there aren’t so many pretty speeches or greek columns or whirlwind world tours and fireworks.  Now we have to pay attention to the actions more than the words because now it isn’t a game anymore.  I started watching the actions back in March and nothing I saw earned my respect or trust or loyalty to Obama.  We’ll see if there really is a change in him or not because if not this is just an arrogant, self centered, egomaniacal, creepy person and I am afraid for my Country and my life.







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A Bad Democrat asks why:


                Since Hillary Clinton suspended her campaign, I have been called a bad democrat.  Why?  I have issues with Senator Obama and have decided that I will not be able to stomach voting for him.  I can clarify the many reasons why a little later, but for now, I would like to discuss what I personally think is a bad democrat.

                  What kind of democrat would put his own selfish needs and ambitions above the good of the party they want to lead?  What kind of democrat is so arrogant that they decide they are worth a chance at the White House in a year when the democrats should have won the White House with little resistance?  Barack Obama of course!  And so I ask you, Senator Obama, why?  Where’s the fire?  What’s your hurry?  You are 47 years old.  Your power would have been more productive had you decided to throw your energy, enthusiasm and popularity behind the most electable candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  One of the first questions I had is why would anyone, serving only 143 days in the US Senate decide that they needed to run for President of the United States?  The only scenario in which I can imagine myself or anyone I know deciding that is if there were no other contenders or the contenders are all very incompetent and unelectable.  That was not the case in 2008.  The democrats had Hillary Clinton!  She was vetted.  No skeletons in that closet that weren’t very old news.  Really, there was not a lot of ammo in comparison to what the GOP might use against you, Senator Obama.  I’d really like to have you clear this up for me because I have never understood it.  To me, Senator Obama, if you were a good democrat, I would have expected you to get behind Senator Clinton.  You could have stumped for her and also earn for yourself a VP spot.  What a solid victory for the Democratic Party, eight years of President Clinton with Vice President Obama.  Just think of the experience you would have gained!  Just think of the history of the first woman President and black Vice President all on the same ticket.  What an awesome ride that would have been.  Then it would be your turn to run for President!  Amazing that we might have had a 16 year run for the Democrats!  Wouldn’t that have been the best outcome for the party?  Wouldn’t that have been the best outcome for Senator Clinton as well as yourself?  Wouldn’t that have been the best outcome for the country?  Wouldn’t that have been the ultimate democratic victory?  Think about it Senator Obama.  If you are as awesome as you think you are, wouldn’t you be even more awesome with 8 years of experience to show off???  See?  I have been having trouble with this question for months.  What’s your hurry?  I really think that running for President when you are 55 to be very reasonable.  I just don’t understand why that wasn’t going to be soon enough for you?  Is 55 too old?  Do you turn into a pumpkin at 50?  Or did you have to move up to President before Patrick Fitzgerald hands out all of the indictments in the Operation Board Games trial?  If not, then what?  I don’t get it!  I have often said that if there is no good reason for someone’s rise to power there can only be a bad reason for it.  That should explain to you my reluctance to vote for you!

                Do you have to rush to the top because after your term in the Senate your record will be so poor that you would never be reelected so it’s better to have no record and sneak into the job now, while you still can?  I, as a democrat, have questions.  That becomes a problem for me and you Senator Obama because you just don’t like to answer questions.  I just keep asking and asking and asking and you just shrug me off.  Probably any of my questions are either beneath you or above your pay grade!

                To me, a bad democrat is a person who undermines the direction of the party where they would have easily ruled for years only to risk the unknown.  A bad democrat in my opinion is you, Senator Obama because you are choosing the likelihood of zero years of a democratic administration instead of the 16 years we should have been destined to have.  So Senator Obama, don’t you or allow your supporters to dare to call me a bad democrat.  Take a long, hard look in the mirror, sir and you will then and only then see what is a bad democrat!

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This election year sucks!  The love of my life is an Obama supporter.  He has never been strong for Obama.  He was happy with whoever became the nominee, Clinton or Obama.  Earlier this year he thought that Clinton could not win because she was known to be a bitch and had made a lot of enemies.  He thought Obama would win easily due to his popularity.

For reasons I won’t go into here, we had been apart for a few months early in the year and reunited in March.  It was after our state caucus and so we knew we were not on the same side politically, but did not know how bad it would get after Hillary was out.  I wish we had been together in January and February.  I think I could have told him all I knew about Obama and why I’ll never vote for him.  I did not say much because our caucus was passed and there was nothing to be done, I thought.  Plus, I could not see that I would get my man to write letters and emails, etc.  Anyway, now we are at this horrible place of non understanding.  When I speak to him, I do not try to change his vote, as much as I’d like to.  I am just trying to get him to understand my discomfort with many things Obama.  He cannot understand it.  I listen to him and why he thinks  has to win.  I do not try to change his vote.  I just agree with him on what I can, disagree on what I disagree with, and hold my breath until November.  The problem with his reasons to vote for Obama is that blind faith and false image that I know is not there.  He has trouble imagining how I would vote for a republican after the past 8 years and why, even if I hate Obama, I wouldn’t choose the democrat VP just in case something happened to Obama.  I have trouble understanding how he cannot see the con being played.  He cannot see that he is being lied to and he cannot see that Obama is a phoney!

The question of the last legs of this election is, how do we talk to Obots?  What is the best way?  Early on I didn’t say much because I was learning what Obama was all about and couldn’t prove too much and really thought it would all come out in the media.  Well, we all know how that went!  So what to do now?  Just continue to disagree and hope enough people vote McCain so that it is a landslide victory?  That could happen because I know very few people who are voting for Obama.  Most are voting McCain and a few are staying home.  Do I give him the onslaught of newspaper and magazine articles and make him mad?  Do we still wait for the media?  will October make it all clear?  Should I just wait until November 5th and then see what happens?  We have seriously almost broken up over this election!  That is just retarded, I know, and so we keep going while at odds.  I truly do not know how to proceed!

What I do know is that come November 5th, one of us is going to be very unhappy.  I have already promised myself that if it is the worst case scenario (I can’t even bring myself to write it, but you know) that I will not blame him for a McCain loss.  I have informed him that I will only accept blame from him if Obama loses by one vote!

What helps is that a few weeks ago my boyfriend informed me that I was right and that Hillary was the more electable candidate.  He doesn’t now think Obama can win.  Phew!  At least he is preparing himself!  I do feel bad though for all the obots who are just following that fantasy image they see and who think the dems are unbeatable after Bush.  I do hope that somehow, someway, someday everyone will find out the truth about Obama.  Then I hope my relationship can quickly get back to normal after this horrible election year!

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