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I am so happy!  24 returns January 11th!  Jack is back!  It’s about time.

As much as I love Jack Bauer, I have been blaming him for the political troubles we are having.  I know that is probably not fair, but think about it!  Back in 2007, we had Jack Bauer.  The stock market was doing well.  Barack Obama?  No one knew who the hell he was.  Democrats were counting down to the end of the Bush administration and looking forward to a democrat again in the White House.  I, personally, envisioned Hillary Clinton as the first woman President.  I was all hopey changey about that!

Well, then what happened?  That damn writer’s strike.  We lost Jack Bauer for 2008.  I checked the Writer’s Guild website daily, praying for end of the silly strike and the return of Jack Bauer.  I was devastated to learn that there would not be a 24 (other than the 2 hour prequel) in 2008.  The horror of it all!  24 is my favorite show.  It is number one on my DVR series recording list!  No Jack Bauer?  Oh my gosh!  This is when the whole world turned upside down.

Without Jack, some nobody 1/2 black dude was elected President, even though very few people know much about him.  He lies, cheats and plays dirty politics, yetmany people find him cool and charming.  Ish.  This would have never happened had we had Jack Bauer to save us.  He could have gotten rid of Obama in 24 hours or less.  Do you know what else I blame 24 for?  You probably can guess.  24 started the whole black Presidents are cool stuff.  Yep.  In Jack Bauer’s world, they did have a black president before the woman.  Sorry, spoiler alert, season 7 has a woman President.  If you’re a fan, you probably know that already from watching the prequel.  There is a big major surprise coming up, but I won’t spoil that for all of you!  Anyway, I am a little miffed at my pals on 24 and do blame them for what has happened.  Not enough to stop watching because I loves me some 24 and I loves me some Jack Bauer.  Right now, I am wearing my “I’d rather be watching 24” t-shirt!

I just hope that the return of Jack Bauer, puts the world right side up again.  If he can get rid of Obama somehow, great.  If not, at least help the democrats make some sense for a change I can believe in.  Oh, yeah, and if you guys could do some episodes where it turns out that David Palmer was never a legal citizen to be POTUS, that would be cool.  Make your viewers think, huh?

I’ll be very relieved with the return of 24 and Jack Bauer.  I am counting on you to get me through this trying time Jack.  Oh, and Jack, we need you now more than ever!  We’re counting on you, Jack!  Please hurry…we are running out of time!


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A Bad Democrat asks why:


                Since Hillary Clinton suspended her campaign, I have been called a bad democrat.  Why?  I have issues with Senator Obama and have decided that I will not be able to stomach voting for him.  I can clarify the many reasons why a little later, but for now, I would like to discuss what I personally think is a bad democrat.

                  What kind of democrat would put his own selfish needs and ambitions above the good of the party they want to lead?  What kind of democrat is so arrogant that they decide they are worth a chance at the White House in a year when the democrats should have won the White House with little resistance?  Barack Obama of course!  And so I ask you, Senator Obama, why?  Where’s the fire?  What’s your hurry?  You are 47 years old.  Your power would have been more productive had you decided to throw your energy, enthusiasm and popularity behind the most electable candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  One of the first questions I had is why would anyone, serving only 143 days in the US Senate decide that they needed to run for President of the United States?  The only scenario in which I can imagine myself or anyone I know deciding that is if there were no other contenders or the contenders are all very incompetent and unelectable.  That was not the case in 2008.  The democrats had Hillary Clinton!  She was vetted.  No skeletons in that closet that weren’t very old news.  Really, there was not a lot of ammo in comparison to what the GOP might use against you, Senator Obama.  I’d really like to have you clear this up for me because I have never understood it.  To me, Senator Obama, if you were a good democrat, I would have expected you to get behind Senator Clinton.  You could have stumped for her and also earn for yourself a VP spot.  What a solid victory for the Democratic Party, eight years of President Clinton with Vice President Obama.  Just think of the experience you would have gained!  Just think of the history of the first woman President and black Vice President all on the same ticket.  What an awesome ride that would have been.  Then it would be your turn to run for President!  Amazing that we might have had a 16 year run for the Democrats!  Wouldn’t that have been the best outcome for the party?  Wouldn’t that have been the best outcome for Senator Clinton as well as yourself?  Wouldn’t that have been the best outcome for the country?  Wouldn’t that have been the ultimate democratic victory?  Think about it Senator Obama.  If you are as awesome as you think you are, wouldn’t you be even more awesome with 8 years of experience to show off???  See?  I have been having trouble with this question for months.  What’s your hurry?  I really think that running for President when you are 55 to be very reasonable.  I just don’t understand why that wasn’t going to be soon enough for you?  Is 55 too old?  Do you turn into a pumpkin at 50?  Or did you have to move up to President before Patrick Fitzgerald hands out all of the indictments in the Operation Board Games trial?  If not, then what?  I don’t get it!  I have often said that if there is no good reason for someone’s rise to power there can only be a bad reason for it.  That should explain to you my reluctance to vote for you!

                Do you have to rush to the top because after your term in the Senate your record will be so poor that you would never be reelected so it’s better to have no record and sneak into the job now, while you still can?  I, as a democrat, have questions.  That becomes a problem for me and you Senator Obama because you just don’t like to answer questions.  I just keep asking and asking and asking and you just shrug me off.  Probably any of my questions are either beneath you or above your pay grade!

                To me, a bad democrat is a person who undermines the direction of the party where they would have easily ruled for years only to risk the unknown.  A bad democrat in my opinion is you, Senator Obama because you are choosing the likelihood of zero years of a democratic administration instead of the 16 years we should have been destined to have.  So Senator Obama, don’t you or allow your supporters to dare to call me a bad democrat.  Take a long, hard look in the mirror, sir and you will then and only then see what is a bad democrat!

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     Just a quick note to say thank you to all others who, like me, are bad democrats.  For me this election year is just too important at this time in history to trust to an unqualified, inexperienced president.  I am certain that this has been as hard for all democrat PUMAs as it was for me.  Many tears have been shed this year for my country, for my party, for Hillary clinton and the divisive nature of election year 2008 (which I am pretty sure if made into a movie, will be a horror flick).  I so much appreciate all of you for being strong and not willing to fall in line.  I am seriously worried about the state of my country and became terrified of the thought of Barack Obama as our leader.  We must not allow that to happen.  Thank you for crossing party lines to vote for John McCain or if you just can’t quite go there, for sitting this one out and rejecting the nominee.  Of course please know that my blog name of baddemocrat is really just for fun.  I know that we are the real patriots, putting country before party, to be the greatest democrats that exist!

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     Welcome to election 2008!  What an absolute whirlwind it has been!  Is every other PUMA democrat feeling as emotionally drained and abused as I am?  Here I am totally energized after listening to Sarah Palin’s speech last night.  It was so great to hear someone going after Obama like they should!  Tonight I will listen to John McCain give his speech.  I am sure I will be energized by him as well.  It will be somewhat surreal though!

    Did I mention that this is the first time I have ever watched the Republican National Convention?  It’s true.  I have watched parts of the Democratic National Convention in the past.  This year was no exception.  I watched parts.  The Clinton parts.  There are no other true democrats left in that party!  The roll call was such a sham and a shame!  I am still sick about it!

     This is my first try at blogging.  I have thought about doing so for months, but I am usually so busy reading all the awesome blogs out there that I wasn’t sure if I had the time.  I’ll do my best.

     As my title above reflects this election is anything, but what I thought it was going to be.   I would like to get off the roller coaster now.  Please, can I?  I keep thinking the ride will come to a stop, but low and behold it just takes off again!  I do not think we will be allowed off yet.  I think more surprises are coming.  I’m still holding out hope for that Berg lawsuit.  I also have not completely given up on Hillary.  I just have a feeling that Obama just can’t make it to November 4th without an indictment or something, but if this is truly the choice we have, Obama or McCain.  I will vote for John McCain, without reservation!

    Are there any other bad democrats out there like me?  Silly question.  Of course there are!

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