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I am frustrated.  I am tired.  I am sick of being questioned about my decision to vote for McCain.  I am, or should I say was, a democrat and I have to cross party this year.  Am I happy about it?  Hell no!  Will I really do it, many ask?  Hell yes I will!

I understand that there are kool aid drinkers out there.  They think Obama can singlehandedly save the world.  I think if he really wanted to save the world he would not need to be President to do it.  He probably would not want to be President, it would take too much time away from the world.  At least it should.  The job of the President of the United States of America is not to save the world, even if he could.  I do not get where people seem to think that is what we should want the President’s role to be.  In my opinion, we should want the President of the United States to be someone best able to manage our country to keep it strong, safe and free.  We need a country that we all feel we are welcome to live in.  We need to know that the Government wants us to succeed and thrive.  The world then can follow our example.  That is how the President can save the world!

Anyway, most kool aid drinkers do not pay enough attention to what Obama is saying out there.  They are too busy looking for racism or being afraid of McCain and telling you why McCain is GW3 to even pay attention to their own dude.  And I do believe that is his major plan.  Distract and divide and while the infighting is going on, I’ll rob them all and they won’t know what hit them.

Kool aid drinkers, a message I posted in No Quarter comments:

Well, who can trust Obama on taxes? He has flipped on that. He flips everytime somone blinks and so you may have missed it:


I swear that man is a secret republican. He won’t roll back the tax cuts for the rich, which that and the Iraq war is where he is claiming to get the money to pay for all his programs. Yep. Zero from the zero because he won’t be able to pay for it.

First off he can’t pay for stuff without the money from the rich. period. Not to mention if the economy sucks until 2010, those tax cuts will stay in place. You sure gotta hope Obama puts it on his calendar or something, don’t ya?

Second he can’t pay for stuff from money saved on the Iraq war because oh, well, we’re going deeper into Afghanistan and Pakistan. The money will be needed there.

So, let me ask you. what exactly will Obama accomplish without the money he needs to pay for anything? Just like he’s accomplished so far. Zippo. He’ll just sit with his feet up on the desk and once in a while wave out the window to his adoring fans (if he still has any) like the royal family does. And other than that he’ll watch his friends get rich and the rest of us get poor.

And if you say, well, hell, that article says he is going to cut taxes for the middle class and that’s me, yeah! Well, again, no money for any programs? How will he get stuff done? He won’t.  KIf he cuts your taxes then there is even less money for all his programs.  Duh!

Won’t the next 4 years of staying stagnant be fun?


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