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I don’t get it!  I just don’t!  Most people I know who voted for Obama, and thank God there aren’t too many, are pretty cranky for people whose guy won!  WTF?  If McCain had won, I would have felt so relieved at first and then ecstatic.  Truly I would have.  I could have felt safe and secure, knowing that the American voters are not so insane and stupid as to put a guy into office, in a very messy situation, who had ZERO experience to do the job.

Are they afraid?  Do they see his “Office of the President Elect” sign and realize that something just isn’t quite right with the man?  Were they just stuck on the D next to his name, but didn’t really like him?  Did the kool aid run out?  Are they afraid that That One is going to screw everything up so much that we will say, “I told you so?”  I have no clue what their problem is.  Did they expect that all that racism talk would be magically gone the next morning?  Man, if they could accomplish that just by putting Obama in office then they sure as hell should be able to shit some cash to fix this economic mess in this country!  Ok, sorry.  I got a little angry there.

All I know is they won, by hook or by crook (Obama) and they should all be holding hands singing Kumbaya by now.  I prefer they sing, “I’d like to teach the world to sing” and hand me a coke because those pepsi cans are really scary with a logo so much like Obama’s.  Had Axelrod run the right campaign, a can of pepsi could be the President Elect.  That might actually sit better with me.  I’m not a big kumbaya fan anyway.  It should be all rainbows, sunshine, puppy dogs, and love.  A coworker of mine said that now it’s all carebears for all.  Whatever happened, so far I haven’t seen any good change, especially that stupid President Elect sign.  Who the hell is that sign for anyway?  Is it just to make me vomit?  Is it just to prove my point that Obama has some screws loose upstairs?  Is it to remind Obama that he can stop pandering now?  Mission Accomplished Mr. Odrama.  WTF is that?

If anyone, anywhere has a clue why the folks who won are so unhappy, cranky and creepy, let me know, Ok?  I just don’t get it!


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I am frustrated.  I am tired.  I am sick of being questioned about my decision to vote for McCain.  I am, or should I say was, a democrat and I have to cross party this year.  Am I happy about it?  Hell no!  Will I really do it, many ask?  Hell yes I will!

I understand that there are kool aid drinkers out there.  They think Obama can singlehandedly save the world.  I think if he really wanted to save the world he would not need to be President to do it.  He probably would not want to be President, it would take too much time away from the world.  At least it should.  The job of the President of the United States of America is not to save the world, even if he could.  I do not get where people seem to think that is what we should want the President’s role to be.  In my opinion, we should want the President of the United States to be someone best able to manage our country to keep it strong, safe and free.  We need a country that we all feel we are welcome to live in.  We need to know that the Government wants us to succeed and thrive.  The world then can follow our example.  That is how the President can save the world!

Anyway, most kool aid drinkers do not pay enough attention to what Obama is saying out there.  They are too busy looking for racism or being afraid of McCain and telling you why McCain is GW3 to even pay attention to their own dude.  And I do believe that is his major plan.  Distract and divide and while the infighting is going on, I’ll rob them all and they won’t know what hit them.

Kool aid drinkers, a message I posted in No Quarter comments:

Well, who can trust Obama on taxes? He has flipped on that. He flips everytime somone blinks and so you may have missed it:


I swear that man is a secret republican. He won’t roll back the tax cuts for the rich, which that and the Iraq war is where he is claiming to get the money to pay for all his programs. Yep. Zero from the zero because he won’t be able to pay for it.

First off he can’t pay for stuff without the money from the rich. period. Not to mention if the economy sucks until 2010, those tax cuts will stay in place. You sure gotta hope Obama puts it on his calendar or something, don’t ya?

Second he can’t pay for stuff from money saved on the Iraq war because oh, well, we’re going deeper into Afghanistan and Pakistan. The money will be needed there.

So, let me ask you. what exactly will Obama accomplish without the money he needs to pay for anything? Just like he’s accomplished so far. Zippo. He’ll just sit with his feet up on the desk and once in a while wave out the window to his adoring fans (if he still has any) like the royal family does. And other than that he’ll watch his friends get rich and the rest of us get poor.

And if you say, well, hell, that article says he is going to cut taxes for the middle class and that’s me, yeah! Well, again, no money for any programs? How will he get stuff done? He won’t.  KIf he cuts your taxes then there is even less money for all his programs.  Duh!

Won’t the next 4 years of staying stagnant be fun?

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I have been a democrat all my life, with one exception when I voted for a republican Governor.  In that election, I did vote for who I thought was the better candidate.  He won and I think he did a great job as Governor and I never regretted the choice.

This year I have been on opposing sides from the man I love.  We had dated for a couple years and then we split up for a while.  We got back together in March.  This was unfortunate timing to be on a break because of the election and we are both very political people.  I keep thinking that if we were together the whole time then he’d have a better understanding of what went on and what my thought process was.  It’s funny because when preparing for our first date after our split, I was very nervous.  I wanted to talk politics with him, but also afraid that if the subject came up (because I thought he was probably supporting Obama) that it would be our first and last redate.  Well, it did come up.  He mentioned something and I said, “Oh, here we go, what could be our first and last date.”   Well, no.  It was great.  He supported Obama.  I supported Hillary.  It was a great debate and it was not polarizing.

So fast forward to now.  This is so hard for me.  I have decided that I have to vote for McCain.  John McCain is the one I trust and I cannot make this completely about issues, supreme court justice appointments, or Row vs. Wade.  There is so much more at stake.  The big picture is that things must change.  The primary process must be more fair.  The Democratic party must be stripped bare and rebuilt with leaders who really uphold those issues and values in every way.  I will not set the bar for President this low!  It is ridiculous. 

Anyway, my boyfriend is a loyal democrat.  He would never think to vote out of party.  Not ever and not for any reason.  I know this.  We have tried to not talk politics, but of course it’s in our blood.  In the past 3 weeks, we have had some very heated debates.  Yesterday for the first time, although it turns out it has been on both of our minds for a while, we talked about breaking up.  Over Obama and McCain!  My brain says that would be retarded!  That 10 years from now, I’ll have to think, wow, my relationship ended because of Barack Obama or John McCain, but keep in mind I have to blame Obama because this would not even be a problem if Obama was not the nominee.  If it were Hillary or any other of the democratic candidates, we would be together as democrats.

I have had to end a friendship this year, which is something I never thought I would do over politics.  Unfortunately he was a friend who continued to make sexist comments about Sarah Palin and blaming stupid women for the election problems and I had warned him the last time not to do it again.  Sadly once Palin was nominated he became very insulting to me as a woman and we are not friends and will not be ever again.  If I know that he thinks I am stupid because I am a woman, well, then I don’t need friends like that.

How will I get through this with my boyfriend?  I want to believe that this is temporary.  The election will happen and at some point we get past it.  I think about 2000 and I never thought I would get over that stolen election, but I did.  I reminded my boyfriend of that and he agreed, but he sees it very different this time.  The funny thing is that I should be the one who would be the most upset about a con man being in the White House and I have an easier time with him supporting Obama than he has with me supporting McCain.  I realized last night just how much it bothers him that I will risk those Supreme Court appointments and Roe vs. Wade and drilling, and war.  He just cannot understand why I see Obama as a con man when he so clearly doesn’t.  He also sees years of fighting no matter which one is President because one of us will be very unhappy.  This is very hard. 

At this point, I would give just about anything for something to happen where Obama is out.  I don’t care what it is.  I guess I need to pray daily for thast Berg lawsuit to shake everything up, but we’re getting down to the wire.

How many relationships have been lost or are in turmoil over election 2008?  I have heard women say that they will not tell their husbands, but will secretly vote McCain in November.  How does that effect the polls?  How many people are not truthful when the pollsters call?  Should I have kept this secret?  Should I lie and say I’ve changed my mind and then vote for McCain and never admit that I did?  I can’t.  I am a woman who speaks her mind.

This makes me think of James Carville and Mary Matalin.  Hmmmmmm.  They make it work.  Can they help?

We will need a poll after the election to see how many loves/friends were lost to this disaster election!

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Today was chock full of rumors if you read many anti-obama blogs!  The fact that McCain is ahead of Obama in all the polls and taking over a few states is causing quite a flurry.  Many of the rumors just make a person want to pull up a chair and grab their popcorn and watch the drama unfold.  The rumors of the day are ones I really hope are not true!

Rumor #1 Biden is preparing to step down due to medical reasons and Hillary will be the VP Pick.

Oh, please no!  I have never wanted Hillary to be VP!  Never.  I think Obama is a crook so why would it matter who his VP pick is?  He is still a crook!  I don’t care if he could get the pope on his ticket (although the pope is pro life so there are many angry dems in that case), it will not make Obama not a crook!

Rumor #2 Clinton gave Obama lots of good advice when they met for lunch yesterday.

Ok, somehow I just don’t think so.  Bill isn’t going to help Obama without a public apology for how he and his wife were treated during the primary!  I certainly hope Bill gave him alot of great advice-wink, wink!  What might he have told Obama?  Hmmmmm.  Maybe he told him to make fun of McCain’s age, or Palin periodically feeling down.  Maybe he told him thta with women all you need to do is tell them what to do and they’ll go along with it.  Time will tell, but I am sure Bill told Obama something, but how helpful it was, well, you can’t convince me of that any more than you could convince me to vote for Obama!

Rumor #3-Palin will step down.

Now this one is funny.  That will not happen!  She has energized the party and McCain and she would step down???  Never gonna happen.  This rumor is just a democrat fantasy!

These rumors are funny and will go on for months no doubt!  These are not to be worried about.  There is enough real stuff out there that you don’t need to make stuff up!

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     Welcome to election 2008!  What an absolute whirlwind it has been!  Is every other PUMA democrat feeling as emotionally drained and abused as I am?  Here I am totally energized after listening to Sarah Palin’s speech last night.  It was so great to hear someone going after Obama like they should!  Tonight I will listen to John McCain give his speech.  I am sure I will be energized by him as well.  It will be somewhat surreal though!

    Did I mention that this is the first time I have ever watched the Republican National Convention?  It’s true.  I have watched parts of the Democratic National Convention in the past.  This year was no exception.  I watched parts.  The Clinton parts.  There are no other true democrats left in that party!  The roll call was such a sham and a shame!  I am still sick about it!

     This is my first try at blogging.  I have thought about doing so for months, but I am usually so busy reading all the awesome blogs out there that I wasn’t sure if I had the time.  I’ll do my best.

     As my title above reflects this election is anything, but what I thought it was going to be.   I would like to get off the roller coaster now.  Please, can I?  I keep thinking the ride will come to a stop, but low and behold it just takes off again!  I do not think we will be allowed off yet.  I think more surprises are coming.  I’m still holding out hope for that Berg lawsuit.  I also have not completely given up on Hillary.  I just have a feeling that Obama just can’t make it to November 4th without an indictment or something, but if this is truly the choice we have, Obama or McCain.  I will vote for John McCain, without reservation!

    Are there any other bad democrats out there like me?  Silly question.  Of course there are!

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