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I am aware of both the Berg lawsuit and Leo Donofrio’s lawsuit challenging the eligibility of Obama to hold the office of POTUS.  I have been trying not to put my hopes in these, but I do think the fact that the Supreme Court is holding a conference on the matter 12/5 says this one just might go somewhere.

The day after the election, I realized that no one is going to want to go after the “historic black POTUS”.  I thought I just have to accept that he is what we are stuck with now.  I go back and forth on it, but do still feel like he will get away with this, but get caught at something down the road.  Another part of me wants to believe that there are powers that be in the SCOTUS that will do their job and do the right thing.  I am torn about what to think and also know this is not up to me.  I also have no idea how to go forward and accept this phoney as our leader, given how I feel about him.

I also do not understand why others high up in government, such as Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin, and many more who must know about this issue would allow it to continue.  Is it because the gOP wants to run Schwartzeneggar next?  Is it really not important to them to uphold the constitution?  What is going on here?

Tell me your thoughts on the lawsuits and also the role of other politicians who likely know about the issue.  What the heck is going on in America?  Also, what the heck is up with Hillary and Bill Clinton?  Why all the overboard campaigning and why does Hillary want to be Secretary of State under a snake?  Does she have dirt on him, enough to be the controller?  Is she just being naive?  Will he want her so that he can then get rid of her?  Tell me your thoughts on this subject.  I am also interested in new theories and insights.


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In case you don’t know, Phillip J. Berg (www.obamacrimes.com) has filed a lawsuit alleging that Barack Obama is ineligible to be President.  Prior to the convention, I had high hopes for this.  I can only vote for a democrat if Obama is off the ticket.  I want to vote for my democratic convictions.  I want a candidate I believe in and trust.  It wouldn’t even necessarily have to be Hillary Clinton.  Although in saying that, I can’t imagine under what scenario it would not be her.  It would again be unfair if she were not a replacement if Obama stepped down.  If the democratic party finally grew a brain and took out the loser candidate, I would vote the ticket with the D.  I know that sounds crazy to Obama supporters. 

That said, at this point, I am thinking that 2008 is lost.  I am an eternal optimist.  I really am.  I believe that you never give up.  So what would happen at this point with only about 6 weeks left in the election if Obama was out due to the lawsuit or and indictment in Operation board games.  First question, who replaces him?  The genious pick of course is Clinton.  There would be those who would argue it should be Biden.  The problem is would my party be smart?  I don’t see how.  They have not been smart all year.  They had a workhorse and were willing to risk the race on a showhorse who hasn’t run a big race. 

I just don’t see how anyone could win this thing now, no matter what this late in the game.

I would love to get feedback on what everyone thinks about the odds of a democratic win if Obama had to be removed as nominee this late in the race!  What do you think?

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