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I don’t get it!  I just don’t!  Most people I know who voted for Obama, and thank God there aren’t too many, are pretty cranky for people whose guy won!  WTF?  If McCain had won, I would have felt so relieved at first and then ecstatic.  Truly I would have.  I could have felt safe and secure, knowing that the American voters are not so insane and stupid as to put a guy into office, in a very messy situation, who had ZERO experience to do the job.

Are they afraid?  Do they see his “Office of the President Elect” sign and realize that something just isn’t quite right with the man?  Were they just stuck on the D next to his name, but didn’t really like him?  Did the kool aid run out?  Are they afraid that That One is going to screw everything up so much that we will say, “I told you so?”  I have no clue what their problem is.  Did they expect that all that racism talk would be magically gone the next morning?  Man, if they could accomplish that just by putting Obama in office then they sure as hell should be able to shit some cash to fix this economic mess in this country!  Ok, sorry.  I got a little angry there.

All I know is they won, by hook or by crook (Obama) and they should all be holding hands singing Kumbaya by now.  I prefer they sing, “I’d like to teach the world to sing” and hand me a coke because those pepsi cans are really scary with a logo so much like Obama’s.  Had Axelrod run the right campaign, a can of pepsi could be the President Elect.  That might actually sit better with me.  I’m not a big kumbaya fan anyway.  It should be all rainbows, sunshine, puppy dogs, and love.  A coworker of mine said that now it’s all carebears for all.  Whatever happened, so far I haven’t seen any good change, especially that stupid President Elect sign.  Who the hell is that sign for anyway?  Is it just to make me vomit?  Is it just to prove my point that Obama has some screws loose upstairs?  Is it to remind Obama that he can stop pandering now?  Mission Accomplished Mr. Odrama.  WTF is that?

If anyone, anywhere has a clue why the folks who won are so unhappy, cranky and creepy, let me know, Ok?  I just don’t get it!


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