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We’ve all seen the you tube video, right?  The one with that poor lady who took her kids to an Obama rally and was so happy to think that Obama will keep her secure financially.  She tells how now she won’t have to worry about paying her mortgage or putting gas in her car.  It’s all taken care of now!  Oh, boy!  President Obama saves the world!  Just like he promised!  Whoohoo!  We are all getting free stuff!  Hooray!

The day after, the day after the election, not the day after ( I was too depressed and fightened and had been up until 5 AM and not because I was celebrating either!)  I went in to work and commented that I really shouldn’t be there.  I should have stayed home.  After all, my free crap might come and I might miss it or something.  Is it coming Fed Ex?  UPS?  Do I have to sign for it?  What if it comes and I’m not there?  Is Obama himself stopping by, in person, like when he visited Joe the plumber, to deliver it?  Will Obama or (God forbid) MEchelle  copy Santa (like they copy everyone else) and come down the chimney (if I had a chimney) with all my stuff?  I surely want to make sure I get everything that was promised to me by Obama.  We all know he keeps his promises, right?

Does anyone have all the particulars on the stuff?  Do we get to specify what color?  If it’s a car, do I get to choose the color, heated seats, cruise control, AC, leather seats, etc.?  Will they call us to set up delivery, or is it a surprise?  Wow.  Just like with all that is Obama, we know so little of the details!  The good news is that after days of sitting at work and wondering if I might miss my free stuff while I was away, I realized there was nothing to worry about.  Duh!  We have to wait until after Inauguration Day!  Of course.  Silly me.  I’ll make sure to take off of work from 1/21/09 on.  Don’t worry.  1/20/09 is for celebrating so we can be sure there will be no free stuff that day!  After all, it’s historic!

I am very excited about having a Unicorn.  I’ve been wondering if I can afford to feed it, but then my coworker pointed out to me that of course a lifetime supply of magical unicorn food will come with it.  Yet another coworker informed us that Unicorns don’t need food being that they’re magical and all.  Oh, of course.  What are we thinking?  This is going to be so exciting!  I will have a Unicorn and I won’t have to work anymore!  At first, I thought, well maybe I should work part time so I can still get the benefits.  You gotta have health insurance!  Well, once again, I am having trouble adjusting to reality.  Obama is giving us all free health care!  Whoo hoo!  I really need to focus on this new reality.  It’s going to be like Christmas all over again!

The Unicorn will be cool and all, but maybe I should write to Obama first.  I am thinking that maybe I’d be better served if I can trade in the Unicorn for a private jet.  That would be cool and probably more helpful for me.  I think I’m open to the new car.   Plus, I’ll have to make sure Obama knows that not only would I like having my mortgage paid off, I prefer a new, more spacious house!

I am going to send a letter to Obama, just to get it right.  Obama may be the world’s savior, but I don’t know if he can read minds.  Here’s what I need to let him know:

Dear President Soetoro,

Can I call you Barry?  Well, Barry, I am writing to inquire the details of the soon to arrive free crap I’ve been waiting for.  First off, the Unicorn.  That is a really great gift and I hope you won’t find me to seem ungrateful, but I would rather have a personal jet with a pilot at my beckon call.  There are places I have to go and people I need to see.  Now, if it’s possible to get a private jet and a unicorn I could go for that.  Either way, throw in the jet!  I want everything cool that I am entitled to, just like you and Caroline Kennedy get.  I’m open to a Senate seat, too, just to let you know.  I guess you only have so many of those so it must be first come, first serve on that one!  I sure do hope mine is the first request.  Can I also decide who I’ll replace in the Senate?  If Al Franken wins Minnesota, I’ll take his seat.  I guess I wouldn’t mind being President either.  That personal jet plane would come with that automatically!  Can I just have your seat in the Oval office instead of the senate seat?  If so, give the Franken seat to Norm Coleman please.  I guess Franken is in the lead as of today.  Another thing I hope you can give me is for my vote to count for something.  It used to, or so I thought, but no longer seems to matter.  I want it to matter again.  My next wish isn’t just for me, it’s for all Americans.  Can you make sure to give them the gift or intelligence and common sense?  I sure don’t want to see them be as uninformed as they were in this election, ever agian!  No way!  You know, now that I think about it, can you give Hillary the Presidency, instead of me?  She would be fabulous!  You know what else I want, Barry?  If I have to have you as President, can you throw MEchelle out on the front lawn of the whitehouse, with all of her bags packed?  I would enjoy that tremendously!  I really do want a new car.  If you can swing it, I’d like to have 2.  That way I can drive a cool sportcar, but still have the other vehicle for driving the kids around town.  I’m realizing that not too many of these things I’ve asked for cost money, unless you can pay to play for that Senate seat!  Maybe just give me a swiss bank account and keep the deposits flowing.  That would save you alot of grief if all Americans just go get their free stuff themselves.  It would stimulate the  economy, too!  Is that your economic plan?  Well, that is just pure genious, Barry!  Sadly, I have to request a new boyfriend, too.  Mine got on the hopey-changey bus and I haven’t seen or spoken to him since!  Well, Barry, here’s my list in a nutshell:

New House

New Car

A vote that counts

Presidency of the United States (or a lowly senate seat)

Hillary as President (If that is confusing for you, just give POTUS to me, I’ll make Hillary VP and then I’ll step down)

Intelligence for all Americans

Common sense for all Americans

Mechelle out on her ass

New boyfriend ( a PUMA voter to be specific)

private jet (or Air Force One)

Unlimited Swiss Bank Account


Clarification on the details of the free crap. 

That last one is just so I don’t screw this up.  I’ve never had access to unlimited free stuff from my Government before so I’m not really sure what to do.  If this is your economic plan, to have all Americans use their unlimited bank account to stimulate the economy, I can do that, but I’m not really sure where to go get my free Unicorn!  Let me know.  Thanks!

P. S.  As I need more stuff, I’ll send a new list and just as soon as my Unicorn arrives, I’ll admit that I was wrong about you!

With Love,



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A Bad Democrat asks why:


                Since Hillary Clinton suspended her campaign, I have been called a bad democrat.  Why?  I have issues with Senator Obama and have decided that I will not be able to stomach voting for him.  I can clarify the many reasons why a little later, but for now, I would like to discuss what I personally think is a bad democrat.

                  What kind of democrat would put his own selfish needs and ambitions above the good of the party they want to lead?  What kind of democrat is so arrogant that they decide they are worth a chance at the White House in a year when the democrats should have won the White House with little resistance?  Barack Obama of course!  And so I ask you, Senator Obama, why?  Where’s the fire?  What’s your hurry?  You are 47 years old.  Your power would have been more productive had you decided to throw your energy, enthusiasm and popularity behind the most electable candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  One of the first questions I had is why would anyone, serving only 143 days in the US Senate decide that they needed to run for President of the United States?  The only scenario in which I can imagine myself or anyone I know deciding that is if there were no other contenders or the contenders are all very incompetent and unelectable.  That was not the case in 2008.  The democrats had Hillary Clinton!  She was vetted.  No skeletons in that closet that weren’t very old news.  Really, there was not a lot of ammo in comparison to what the GOP might use against you, Senator Obama.  I’d really like to have you clear this up for me because I have never understood it.  To me, Senator Obama, if you were a good democrat, I would have expected you to get behind Senator Clinton.  You could have stumped for her and also earn for yourself a VP spot.  What a solid victory for the Democratic Party, eight years of President Clinton with Vice President Obama.  Just think of the experience you would have gained!  Just think of the history of the first woman President and black Vice President all on the same ticket.  What an awesome ride that would have been.  Then it would be your turn to run for President!  Amazing that we might have had a 16 year run for the Democrats!  Wouldn’t that have been the best outcome for the party?  Wouldn’t that have been the best outcome for Senator Clinton as well as yourself?  Wouldn’t that have been the best outcome for the country?  Wouldn’t that have been the ultimate democratic victory?  Think about it Senator Obama.  If you are as awesome as you think you are, wouldn’t you be even more awesome with 8 years of experience to show off???  See?  I have been having trouble with this question for months.  What’s your hurry?  I really think that running for President when you are 55 to be very reasonable.  I just don’t understand why that wasn’t going to be soon enough for you?  Is 55 too old?  Do you turn into a pumpkin at 50?  Or did you have to move up to President before Patrick Fitzgerald hands out all of the indictments in the Operation Board Games trial?  If not, then what?  I don’t get it!  I have often said that if there is no good reason for someone’s rise to power there can only be a bad reason for it.  That should explain to you my reluctance to vote for you!

                Do you have to rush to the top because after your term in the Senate your record will be so poor that you would never be reelected so it’s better to have no record and sneak into the job now, while you still can?  I, as a democrat, have questions.  That becomes a problem for me and you Senator Obama because you just don’t like to answer questions.  I just keep asking and asking and asking and you just shrug me off.  Probably any of my questions are either beneath you or above your pay grade!

                To me, a bad democrat is a person who undermines the direction of the party where they would have easily ruled for years only to risk the unknown.  A bad democrat in my opinion is you, Senator Obama because you are choosing the likelihood of zero years of a democratic administration instead of the 16 years we should have been destined to have.  So Senator Obama, don’t you or allow your supporters to dare to call me a bad democrat.  Take a long, hard look in the mirror, sir and you will then and only then see what is a bad democrat!

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I have been a democrat all my life, with one exception when I voted for a republican Governor.  In that election, I did vote for who I thought was the better candidate.  He won and I think he did a great job as Governor and I never regretted the choice.

This year I have been on opposing sides from the man I love.  We had dated for a couple years and then we split up for a while.  We got back together in March.  This was unfortunate timing to be on a break because of the election and we are both very political people.  I keep thinking that if we were together the whole time then he’d have a better understanding of what went on and what my thought process was.  It’s funny because when preparing for our first date after our split, I was very nervous.  I wanted to talk politics with him, but also afraid that if the subject came up (because I thought he was probably supporting Obama) that it would be our first and last redate.  Well, it did come up.  He mentioned something and I said, “Oh, here we go, what could be our first and last date.”   Well, no.  It was great.  He supported Obama.  I supported Hillary.  It was a great debate and it was not polarizing.

So fast forward to now.  This is so hard for me.  I have decided that I have to vote for McCain.  John McCain is the one I trust and I cannot make this completely about issues, supreme court justice appointments, or Row vs. Wade.  There is so much more at stake.  The big picture is that things must change.  The primary process must be more fair.  The Democratic party must be stripped bare and rebuilt with leaders who really uphold those issues and values in every way.  I will not set the bar for President this low!  It is ridiculous. 

Anyway, my boyfriend is a loyal democrat.  He would never think to vote out of party.  Not ever and not for any reason.  I know this.  We have tried to not talk politics, but of course it’s in our blood.  In the past 3 weeks, we have had some very heated debates.  Yesterday for the first time, although it turns out it has been on both of our minds for a while, we talked about breaking up.  Over Obama and McCain!  My brain says that would be retarded!  That 10 years from now, I’ll have to think, wow, my relationship ended because of Barack Obama or John McCain, but keep in mind I have to blame Obama because this would not even be a problem if Obama was not the nominee.  If it were Hillary or any other of the democratic candidates, we would be together as democrats.

I have had to end a friendship this year, which is something I never thought I would do over politics.  Unfortunately he was a friend who continued to make sexist comments about Sarah Palin and blaming stupid women for the election problems and I had warned him the last time not to do it again.  Sadly once Palin was nominated he became very insulting to me as a woman and we are not friends and will not be ever again.  If I know that he thinks I am stupid because I am a woman, well, then I don’t need friends like that.

How will I get through this with my boyfriend?  I want to believe that this is temporary.  The election will happen and at some point we get past it.  I think about 2000 and I never thought I would get over that stolen election, but I did.  I reminded my boyfriend of that and he agreed, but he sees it very different this time.  The funny thing is that I should be the one who would be the most upset about a con man being in the White House and I have an easier time with him supporting Obama than he has with me supporting McCain.  I realized last night just how much it bothers him that I will risk those Supreme Court appointments and Roe vs. Wade and drilling, and war.  He just cannot understand why I see Obama as a con man when he so clearly doesn’t.  He also sees years of fighting no matter which one is President because one of us will be very unhappy.  This is very hard. 

At this point, I would give just about anything for something to happen where Obama is out.  I don’t care what it is.  I guess I need to pray daily for thast Berg lawsuit to shake everything up, but we’re getting down to the wire.

How many relationships have been lost or are in turmoil over election 2008?  I have heard women say that they will not tell their husbands, but will secretly vote McCain in November.  How does that effect the polls?  How many people are not truthful when the pollsters call?  Should I have kept this secret?  Should I lie and say I’ve changed my mind and then vote for McCain and never admit that I did?  I can’t.  I am a woman who speaks her mind.

This makes me think of James Carville and Mary Matalin.  Hmmmmmm.  They make it work.  Can they help?

We will need a poll after the election to see how many loves/friends were lost to this disaster election!

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    How I looked forward to election year 2008!  Friends have referred to me as a “political geek”, which I love!  I love a good political debate and I also usually have a really great handle on what is going on in the world of American politics.  It ain’t pretty, that’s for sure!  This year is pretty damn ugly!  I hope we never have another one like it!

     I was so ready for that democrat being in the white house!  Slam dunk, right?  No brainer?  Dems in a landslide.  Well, that old saying is true about when you assume: ass=u+me.  It shows how fitting the donkey is for the democratic party to have as their symbol!  Do you think maybe if we got a new symbol, the dems could actually win the White House?  No.  It is not the donkey’s fault.  It is the fault of those leaders who can’t lead!

     So my 2008 story went like this.  Sometime during summer of 2007, I saw Barack Obama on Larry King.  I have to admit I was somewhat impressed.  He seemed so charming and like a breath of fresh air.  I was kind of for Hillary Clinton and had campaigned for Kerry/Edwards, but started entertaining helping Barack Obama.  As time went by, I was really torn about who I would vote for in my Caucus.  I just could not decide between Hillary clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama.  My Caucus was February 5th, 2008 so about 3 weeks before I decided that I really had to methodically figure out the best person for the job.  What did I do?  I looked at each candidate’s website.  I looked at each one’s voting record.  I compared where they stood on the issues.  Immediately I realized that basically I am hiring someone for a job and I should choose who is most qualified and who I turst the most to do the job.  I compared resumes.  I threw Obama’s out right away.  That was a joke, right?  That was how I saw it.  I wasn’t sure what was going on, but to me it was a joke that the guy was even running!  Not to mention that it seemed to me he had a down graded version of Clinton’s platform.  Between Edwards and Clinton, I decided that Hillary was more qualified, would secure universal health care for the country, had a record of getting things done, and I trusted her the most.  Hillary it was!  Still would be if it was up to me!!!  For length purposes, I won’t go into my caucus horror story, except to say I believe there was fraud here and Obama won my state.  I was shocked.  I decided that I must be missing something in this Obama character.  I mean really, everyone talks about him like he is a Saint!  I kept digging for evidence that Obama was this great guy, but I could never find it.  Anywhere.  I only found evidence that something wasn’t right about this guy!  Well, we all know what happened as time went by.  No vetting, no MSM pieces on Obama that aren’t fluff pieces, sexism, racism, and DNC disenfranchisement and corruption.  I am so stunned.  I feel so knowlegable on Obama that I could write a book!  I tell friends and family, some of whom think I am nuts because “Why wouldn’t that be on the news?  Can’t be true.”  I am now at the point where I cannot listen to or watch Barack Obama and I make up little nicknames every single day on the guy! 

     It has been a costly year for me personally.  I have had to give up a couple of friends who have attacked me personally as a woman and I will not tolerate that.  I have never personally attacked them for who they are!  I am struggling to maintain a relationship with my boyfriend of 3 years, who is not a strong Obama, but will vote for him because he is a loyal democrat.  He just cannot understand why I can’t get on board and why I would vote for the prolife, SCOTUS appointments of McCain.  I try to explain it to him, but I seem to lose him when I start naming all the terrorist ties!  I also lost the party I have loved for my whole life!  I am not sure if I will return to that party ever either!  I hope I can after there is a massive housecleaning (with bleach)!  Time will tell.  In the meantime I have some to terms with voting for John McCain.  He is a man I trust and respect and the alternative is unthinkable to me.  I absolutely will not accept Barack Obama into the white house! 

     I have gained some things, too, though.  I am now forever a PUMA.  I will always vet my candidate myself and I have learned that it is always a good idea to pay attention to what the other side is doing and who they are!  I do hope to recover soon from this case of demcratic diarrhea from the DNC, you know, that shit is really running, so I can finally feel better!

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